• Love to Dream Swaddle UP

    Love to Dream Swaddle UP
    The award-winning Love to Dream SWADDLE UP™ is the only available zip up swaddle that has patented wing tips which helps your baby sleep easily in a more natural sleeping position with their arms in the up position.
    Unlike the traditional swaddling method which holds down your baby’s arms either across their chests or by their sides, the uniquely designed arms up position of SWADDLE UP™, gives the baby access to use their hands so that they can soothe themselves, by touching their faces gently, rubbing their cheeks, and sucking on fingers.

    The Love to Dream Swaddle UP™ doesn’t require any complicated wrapping so that anyone can get the swaddling done properly every time. Medical research points to the fact that babies sleep longer and better if they can self-soothe, and self-soothing equals more wholesome sleep for you and your family!
    The Love to Dream SWADDLE UP™ is approved by the INPAA, as well as being certified hip-healthy by the Institute for International Hip Dysplasia. It is produced from a single layered piece of high-quality cotton, 360-degree stretch fabric, specially woven in a 1.0 tog weight. The stretch fabric offers sufficient stretching to permit a good degree of movement while also retaining ample resistance to function properly as a swaddle, moderating the startle response. This single layered fabric offers better regulation of temperature in order to avoid the possibility of overheating, and as it has no internal seams, it will be kinder to the delicate skin of your baby.

    It is vital that babies sleep on their backs to reduce the possibility of SIDS. The arms-up position provided by the Love to Dream SWADDLE UP™ reduces the risk of baby rolling onto their tummy, instead of the “arms by their sides or across the chest” position which makes rolling much easier. It has a two-way, extra-long zipper to facilitate easier changing of a nappy with little disturbance and a clever slot at the back for a stroller/pram harness. It’s very easy to use: baby could be swaddled in seconds, and it requires no learning curves or breakouts. Other great features of the Love to Dream SWADDLE UP™ are listed below.

    • A snug fit which helps to still the startle reflex and makes the baby feel secure.
    • Eliminates any loose fabric from the cot.
    • Patented wings avert face scratching
    • A two-way zipper for easy changing of nappy.
    • Eliminates blankets that are loose which could be dangerous
    • Easy to use; swaddling can be done in seconds.
    • Award-winning, high-quality design
    • A single layered fabric for better regulation of temperature
    • Also, it reduces the risk of the baby rolling over
    • Travel slot in the back for safe and easy carriage in a stroller/pram
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