A great night’s sleep for mum and baby

There’s no tip-toeing around it: being a new mum is tough. We work relentlessly 24 hours a day to keep our gorgeous new arrivals warm, well fed and as happy as can be. We optimistically set out on our first few weeks comforted by the assumption that nappy explosions will eventually stop, feeding becomes a more enjoyable and pain-free experience and, of course, that sleeping patterns will improve. Because all of those things have to happen, they just have to. We sway to our own internal chant-like mantras that “baby’s routine will settle” but we’re realists and we know, deep down, that it’ll take a while. So let’s fast forward a couple of months. That dreamy vision of your daytime bundle of joy sleeping like an angel through the night still seems a ridiculously long way away. You’re tired, baby’s tired, and if we want to be really honest we know that everyone else in the house is also really tired – big brothers and sisters with school to go to included. Cue the ‘new mum moment’: you know the one – that heart-sinking realisation that maybe, just maybe, you need some help here. Well fear not, lift your head from your hands and wipe those bleary eyes because help has arrived – and it comes in the form an innovative little doll that is changing the lives and sleep quality of families around the world. It’s time to meet the best single investment you can make as a tired new parent: the Lulla doll.

Say Hello to Lulla

Lulla – an ingenious little sleep aid doll – was designed, developed and created in Iceland by Eyrún Eggertsdóttir, a psychologist and mum looking to establish a blissful night’s sleep for her own baby. From its initial release, Lulla doll has been a remarkable hit with parents worldwide, selling out online and seeing the creators struggling to keep up with phenomenal and continuing demand. But what makes Lulla so special and why has it become so incredibly popular?

Lulla doll recreates your baby’s perfect sleep environment

First things first: we all sleep better when we’re in a calm, relaxed environment and baby is no exception. Comforted by the rhythmic beat of your heart and the deep and steady sound of your at rest breathing, it’s only natural that baby will want to stay close to you throughout the night if they’re going to achieve that long, deep sleep you so want them to have. But as we increasingly read reports that discourage co-sleeping on safety grounds, how on earth do you achieve the closeness and comfort that baby so desperately craves through those long, long nights? Simple: by using the Lulla doll.
Because Lulla recreates that reassuring environment that your little one has grown to love in the womb, Lulla comforts and – quite literally – lulls your baby into a blissfully relaxed state, perfectly prepped for a peaceful night time snooze. It’s thanks to Lulla that parents everywhere are beginning to realise that a perfect night of sleep shouldn’t be for baby or you, it should be for baby and you; and that shouldn’t feel like it’s impossible to achieve.

Smart, simple and effective sleep aid

That’s why mums tell us the thing they love most about the Lulla doll is its simplicity. It’s unfussy, gender-neutral, easy to use, smart and innovative. It combines common sense with expert insight to create a sleep aid that nurtures sleep safety as well as comfort. Lulla somehow manages to be both extraordinary and ordinary, in all the right ways, helping sleep-deprived parents find that much needed night-time rest.

Made from gorgeously soft natural cotton, the Lulla doll quickly absorbs your scent to help give baby even more reassurance that Lulla belongs in one place and one place only – with them, crib-side. Other features to make all new mums swoon include real-life recordings of a mother’s heartbeat and breathing to reassure baby that you’re close by – and with all recordings taken at rest they have the added benefit of encouraging your little one to regulate their own breathing and heart rate. All very clever stuff.

This means that your beautiful little baby no longer feels alone when you step away from the crib, instead they sense your closeness, and feel reassured and comforted by the sounds they’ve grown attached to during their cosy nine months in your womb. Together, this sends baby off into a meaningful sleep that lasts longer and leaves the both of you feeling more refreshed.  And with the recordings playing for eight hours straight, there’s no break to that comforting drum of the heartbeat and the relaxed inhale exhale of mum’s breath so baby can slumber away in their newly realised blissful state. Now, who wouldn’t love that?

Is the Lulla doll right for you?

Everyone has their own parenting style and priorities but one thing all new mums have in common is a genuine, deep-rooted desire to help their baby sleep well and sleep safely. Lulla does that, and so much more. Undeniably smart, Lulla will help your baby to fall asleep – and stay asleep for longer periods – regulate your baby’s breathing and heart rate, help to nurture your baby’s neurological development as well as general wellbeing, and – reassuringly, because Lulla can do all of these things – reduce the chance of SIDS. Quite frankly, you’ll struggle to find a more affordable, innovative and well-designed sleep aid on the market today. Lulla will stand the test of time, bring you and your baby a new sleep solution when you need it most, and introduce you both to new levels of comfort and relaxation. If you haven’t tried the Lulla doll, you’re missing out. For the respite it brings – to you, to baby, and to the whole family – it’s more than an investment; it’s a perfectly formed little lifesaver of a sleep-aid. Or at least that’s how it’ll feel after the first full night’s sleep you’ve had in…how long has it been now?