• ergoPouch 2.5 tog

    ergoPouch 2.5 tog
    ergoPouch is Australia’s leading designer of quality swaddles, sleepsuits and sleeping bags.
    Here at Baby Sleep Store, we have the full range of ergoPouch 2.5 tog products to keep your baby or toddler warm and comfortable for the winter months.
    The ergoPouch 2.5 tog range is suitable for bedroom temperatures of 17 to 23 degrees.
    The ergoPouch 2.5 tog product range includes:
    ergoPouch 2.5 tog ergoCocoon Swaddle-to-Sleep Bag
    For babies up to 12 months old that need swaddling, we recommend the ergoPouch 2.5 tog ergoCocoon. The ergoCocoon is made from 1.0 tog stretch cotton in the top half, to keep your baby swaddled securely and the bottom half is 2.5 tog quilted baby sleeping bag to keep your baby snug and warm.
    The ergoCocoon comes in 2 sizes; 0 - 3 months and 3 - 12 months.
    ergoPouch 2.5 tog Sleeping Bag
    The ergoPouch 2.5 tog sleeping bag is a must-have for any parent serious about keeping their baby warm, safe and comfortable in the winter months. Designed to keep your baby warm with no blankets. The sleeping bags include stretch inserts on the sides and shoulders to allow your baby to move freely and stay comfortable.
    Baby Sleep Store is proud to stock the full range of ergoPouch 2.5 tog sleeping bags.
    ergoPouch sleeping bags come in 2 sizes: 2 - 12 months and 12 - 36 months.
    ergoPouch 2.5 tog Sleep Suit Bag
    The ergoPouch 2.5 tog sleep suit bag is one of Australia’s most popular sleeping bags for babies and toddlers. Winning “Best Sleeping Bag” at the 2016 Mother and Baby Magazine awards, the sleep suit bag transforms from a standard sleeping bag to a sleeping bag with legs, which allows your child to have extra mobility when needed.
    The ergoPouch 2.5 tog sleep suit is filled and lined with quilted organic cotton, which makes it perfect for children with allergies and it fits easily into a carseat, stroller or pram harness for when you are on the go.
    The ergoPouch sleep suit bag comes in 4 sizes: 2 - 12 months, 8 - 24 months, 2 -4 years, 4 - 6 years.
    Temperature / clothing guide for ergoPouch 2.5 tog:
    22 / 21 degrees - light bodysuit or singlet 20 / 19 degrees - light pyjamas or onesie 17 / 18 degrees - medium to warm pyjamas
    If you can’t find the style or size of ergoPouch 2.5 tog sleeping bag you are looking for, please email us at and we will arrange it for you.
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