• ergoCocoon

    ergoCocoon Swaddle-to-Sleep Bag
    The ergoCocoon keeps your baby warm, snug, and safe as your child grows from swaddling to freer forms of sleep. The hybrid design transitions from a swaddle to a sleeping bag when you need it and when your baby is ready.
    The ergoCocoon design is unique. It is a swaddle from the chest up. It is a sleeping bag from the chest down. The organic cotton blanket is inside. It has a two-way zipper for quick and easy nappy changing. The arms have been designed to pop in and out. Arm poppers let you turn the swaddle into a sleeping bag.
    The ergoCocoon is stretchy enough for even the most active sleeper. The completely organic cotton outer layer provides stretch, comfort, and warmth. An extremely soft inner layer of pure organic stretch bamboo is comfortable against your baby’s skin. The bottoms are pure organic cotton. Pure materials from organic sources prevent rashes and allergic reactions.
    The combination of two heat-trapping materials in the 2.5 tog ergoCocoon makes this hybrid swaddle and sleeping bag the perfect warm and cozy place for your baby to rest and feel secure in soft, stretchy luxury without the need for extra blankets. The ergoCocoon was designed with the safety of your child as the first priority. Eliminating blankets prevents your baby from being cold from kicking off blankets. The design prevents entanglements that can lead to SIDS.
    This is a swaddle when you need it and a sleeping bag when your baby gets ready for it. Warm, safe, comfy babies and less stressed parents are the result.
    • Works for temperatures between 18 and 22 degrees with no blanket
    • Your baby moves freely and sleeps in the position they prefer
    • All organic materials
    • Back door for nappy changes with two-way zipper
    • Arm poppers let you experiment with your child and your preferences
    • Promotes sleeping on the back and reduces the potential for SIDS

    Additional Information
    Discontinue swaddling when your baby begins to roll. At that point, go to the sleeping bag with arms free to provide the most comfort for your baby.
    Size Information
    Measure your child from the shoulder to the foot. Full length is essential for correct fit. The 60 cm swaddle (0 - 3 M) fits babies up to 7 kilos. The 80 cm swaddle (3 - 12 M) fits babies between 6 kilos and 10 kilos.
    Wash in cold water with gentle wash cycle. The Ergo Cocoon must be air dried to prevent shrinking. Cool dryer cycles can be used.
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