easynight Blackout Blind

easynight Blackout Blind

  • easynight Blackout Blind
    easynight Blackout Blind easynight Blackout Blind easynight Blackout Blind easynight Blackout Blind easynight Blackout Blind
    easynight Blackout Blind Kit Cream

    easynight Blackout Blind Kit Cream

    easynight Blackout Blind

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    Easy Night Size Chart

    Regular 1.5m x 1.45m
    Large 2m x 1.45m
    Extra Large 2.3m x 1.45m
    XX Large 3m x 1.45m

    Easynight Blackout Blinds - NOW WITH FREE SHIPPING!

    Easynight blackout blinds are a convenient and easy way to dim the light in your nursery to keep your baby asleep for as long as possible. The Easynight blackout blinds are easily portable so are not only great for when your baby wakes up early in the morning at home, but also when you are travelling.


    Easynight blackout blinds attach to your window using suction cups that fasten to the actual blinds using velcro. This means that you only need to attach the suction cups to your window once which makes it really easy to get them on and off your window at nap time. It also means that you place the velcro on the blind so that it fits your nursery window perfectly.

     Available in 4 sizes so they cater for a lot of different windows and the blinds are easily packed up into a carry bag so you can take them travelling.

    The suction cups are especially strong so they fasten the blind to the window securely and the material of the blinds is lightweight to make them easy to manage.

    Baby Sleep Store Recommendation:

    We find the Easynight blackout blind to be much more convenient and simple to use compared to other nursery blackout blinds (such Gro-Blinds etc) due to the fact that you don’t have to re-connect the suction cups every time. This saves you a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

     These blinds take a few mins to set up because you need to attach the velcro in the right place to fit your window, but once that is done you won’t find a product on the market that is as simple and effective to use as the Easynight blackout blinds.

    Regular 1.5 m 1.4 m
    Large 2 m 1.45 m
    XLarge 2.3 m 1.45 m
    XXLarge 3 m 1.45 m

    Installation Instructions:

    1. Fit the suction cups to the glass of your window so that they are evenly spaced and provide adequate number of attachment points for the size f your window and blind. Also consider that sometimes your window may be open so you may need to fit suction cups in places that allow the window to be opened or closed.
    1. Fit the velcro strips to the blind to match the placement of the suction cups that you have fitted to the window.
    1. Attach the blind to the suction cups (already fitted to the window) to quickly and easily remove the light from your nursery.
    1. To remove the blinds from the window, simply remove the velcro attachment and leave the suction cups in place for next time.