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    Welcome to Baby Sleep Store

    We are a family owned and operated store with a passion for doing our part to help our customers achieve a happy and healthy night's sleep for both their children and themselves.
    We understand that sleep time can be one of the most challenging and daunting parts of parenthood which is why we aim not to be just a store that sells great products, but that also provides balanced and helpful information to help you to feel confident in the choices that you make as a parent.
    At Baby Sleep Store you will find a wide range of swaddles, baby sleeping bags and sleep suits, sleep aids and other accessories that are hand-picked by us as the highest quality, safest and best value products available. We are always expanding our range to keep our customers connected with the best and most innovative products from Australia and overseas.
    As an online store - we strive to give you the best customer experience possible through an easy-to-use website, friendly and responsive customer service and very fast order dispatch.
    We will usually send your order on the same day (for orders before 2pm) and we guarantee that you will be happy with our customer service - call or email us today and find out!

    Our Story

    As parents ourselves, we understand the pressure that you can feel when trying to make the right decisions for you and your children. We also understand how hard it is to know when you are on the right track! To do our part in helping you on this journey, we regularly publish sleep advice and general guides about parenting topics to give you a balanced source of information.
    Our philosophy of parenting is not about striving for perfection, but more about about being “good enough” for our children. The stress and pressure of first-time parenthood (in particular) can sometimes be intense, so we aim to celebrate the successes of parenting and don’t worry too much when things don’t go to plan!
    We regularly host competitions via social media that celebrate the positive side of being a parent so keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
    We are here to help, so if you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you!

    Liz, Jason & the Baby Sleep Store team.


    ergoPouch is an hugely popular sleepwear brand that is Australian owned and operated. Almost all of the ergoPouch range uses completely natural fibres and are all are hip healthy.
    The ergoPouch range starts with the ergoCocoon, which is a swaddle that can transition into a sleeping bag (starting at a size for 0-3 months) and they offer a wide range of sleeping bags and sleep suits that are available in sizes up to 6 years.
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    Love to Dream

    Love to Dream is another great Australian brand that is famous for it’s innovative designs. The centrepiece of the Love to Dream range is the Swaddle UP, which is a zip up swaddle that holds your baby’s arms in an upwards position (as opposed to a traditional arms-down swaddling position.
    The Swaddle UP has definitely been a huge factor in helping you ng babies sleep peacefully and we recommend giving it a try.
    Love to Dream also offer a range of other sleepwear products, including transition swaddles the Swaddle UP 50/50) and sleeping bags and sleep suits.
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    Lulla Doll

    The Lulla Doll is a new product that is taking the world by storm!
    Developed out of Iceland, the Lulla Doll is a sleep aid that provides a warm place for your baby (suits newborns to toddlers) to nuzzle against and feel as if they are being comforted by a parent.
    The Lulla Doll plays an 8 hour track of heartbeat and breathing noises to help replicate the feeling of comfort that you baby gets by being held close.
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